How to Negotiate the Price of Furniture

Purchasing quality home furniture can be costly. Many people do not realize that the price can be negotiated and willingly pay the sticker price for each piece. According to Consumer Reports, the mark-up on furniture can be well over 100 percent, so the store should have plenty of room to bargain.



    Ask for a discount. Most people miss out on a discount on more expensive items simply because they fail to ask. Ask the salesperson whether there is any room for negotiation on price. If the salesperson seems unwilling to budge, ask to speak to the manager or the owner of the store. The worst that can happen is they say no and you will be no worse off than you were before.


    Bargain in person. If you show up at the store and attempt to negotiate in person, sales managers will likely be more willing to work with you as they know you are serious about purchasing. Attempting to negotiate over the phone can be less effective.


    Arm yourself with information and pricing from competitors. Many stores have a price-match policy, and some will even do a price match plus an additional percentage off. Be prepared by doing your homework before entering the store.


    Point out small imperfections and flaws in the furniture. Small scratches can be easily fixed in most cases but may score you a discount. Agreeing to take a floor model may also result in a larger discount.


    Buy several pieces at once. The dealer will have more room to negotiate when you purchase larger amounts of furniture. Attempt to do all of your furniture shopping at one store and build a relationship with the sales staff.


    Be discreet about the negotiated price. As stated, many people do not realize that you can negotiate the price of furniture in the store. If you get a deal, do not announce it to other unknowing customers.


    Offer to pay cash. Every store has a negotiated fee that has to be paid to the credit card processor. This fee can range from 2 percent to 8 percent. By paying cash, you can help the retailer avoid the fee, and it can thank you with a discount.


    Shop at the end of the month, quarter or year. All stores have sales goals that they strive to meet during each period. By optimizing the time you shop, you may be able to get a lower price to ensure that the salesperson or store meets those financial goals.

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