Grants for Working With Troubled Teens

Grants for working with troubled teens are available from companies, charity organizations and from the government. The grants are available to nonprofit groups that have existing programs in place to help teens combat substance abuse and violent behavior. Many of the grants for troubled teens require that the money be used for developing skills that will enhance a teen's life and encourage them go to college and also ameliorate the community they live in.

Government Grants

    The government offers loans to help troubled teens through the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL). These grants, called Youth Service Discretionary Grants, are designed to help teens who are criminals or who come from low income families or foster care. In 2011, the DOL announced that it would give $130 million in grants. About $5 million went to help five agencies help teens who were in jail transition back into society through work. Over 220 Youth Build Discretionary Grants are helping 6,000 troubled teens annually, according to the DOL's website.

The Milagro Foundation

    The Milagro Foundation gives grants to organizations that are looking to help troubled teens in communities surrounding the San Francisco, California area by establishing programs that provide educational enrichment and help identify and rehabilitate at-risk youth. These organizations set up programs to enhance physical health, teach cooking, performing arts courses and also set up substance abuse treatment facilities for teens, according to Milagro's website. Milagro provides grants to existing agencies with established projects. Project leaders can write a grant request for funding to be considered.

Starbucks Youth Action Grants

    Starbucks offers Youth Action Grants of $5,000 to $20,000 to help eliminate youth violence and help inspire troubled teens to become involved in their communities. The grants that Starbucks gives are also meant to build bridges between communities and enhance culture and leadership skills. To apply for a grant, organizations should write a letter of inquiry explaining how their program will help teens improve skills and better their community and how it has helped young people in the community.

Troubled Teens of America

    Troubled Teens of America offers grants to families that want to modify the behavior of a troubled teen. The organization can cover up to 50 percent of the costs associated with programs that can aid substance abuse, violent behavior, depression or other mental health and behavioral problems. The organization requires that the troubled teens participate in a test to figure out what programs are suitable for their treatment. These programs can include boot camp, boarding school, military school, wilderness therapy and treatment centers, according to the organization's website.

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